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Luminesense....Your energy management system, designed to put the power back in your own hands. Bring in the change one light at a time.


Luminesense is an intelligent, thinking system designed to take away the guesswork and do the thinking for you.`it precisely analyzes the available free energy and actively distributes the power to the preferred household appliances.


Due to it's active interplay, the system efficiently optimizes the available free energy saving you money thereby increasing the return of investment.


Unlike other noisy energy alternatives,  Luminesense silently and seamlessly operates, switching from one appliance to another or from one power source to another.


Luminesense  is unique in that it is a comletely new, first of it's kind invention which uses solid state hardware to eliminate glitches and down time associated with software.No other system monitors and controls power usage and protects the batteries as this is designed to do.

Step into the light with luminesense

Having dealt with renewable energy (wind and solar) in the Telco environment for over a decade serving the rural areas  and  after having purchased, installed and lived with a solar driven home for over two years, it was apparent the current renewable energy systems had many shortfalls which deemed them unreliable and beyond affordable.

The vision of Luminesense is to create a reliable and affordable solution,enabling more people to have access to this amazing technology.



This visually appealing, eye catching, informative and easy to read monitor panel interacts with the owner allowing for 24/7 monitoring of your system at the glance of an eye.



The core of Luminesense is this unique handcrafted, customized control board which has been over-engineered to ensure it’s reliability. The control board has been put through a rigorous two year trial period and has proven itself to be completely trouble-free.

New Install

Each turnkey solution is customised and supervised according to each home. 


Existing systems can be upgraded to incorporate the Luminesense concept.


Previously installed faulty or redundant systems can be repaired and upgraded .


System maintenance is available should you require it.

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About Luminesense

Solar Energy redefined

The Luminesense system can be adapted to any existing solar power system. The system is a modular system which means that you can start small and grow the system as your needs grow.

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